Tian Xia

More commonly known as the Dragon Empires, Tian Xia is the largest continent on Golarion.


The most expansive and commonly encountered people of the Dragon Empires are humans, kitsune, nagaji, samsarans, tengus, and wayangs. While members of the nonhuman races listed can sometimes be found beyond Tian Xia’s borders, they are most common on this continent. Likewise, foreign races like elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, half-elves, and half-orcs, while not common in the Dragon Empires, are not entirely unknown there.


The Imperial Calendar organizes history into four different ages. The first age is known as the “Age of Dragons,” for common belief is that the continent was ruled in those ancient days by imperial dragons who had been tasked by the gods themselves to care for the world until humanity could claim it as their birthright. The second age, which began in -2793, was the “Age of Ashes”, which started with the cataclysm of Earthfall, and it was during this time that Elves first came to Tian Xia by way of the Darklands, and humans started a 2,000 year blood-feud with the Nagaji. The third age, the “Age of Ascendancy”, where the Imperial Calendar begins, dawned with the founding of Yixing, the first of the great empires, shortly followed by the founding of the dragon-ruled kingdom of Xa Hoi. It is also during this age that Shizuru bestows her grace upon five mortal lines who could eventually come to rule Minkai as emperors, the city of Goka is built, the trade route known as the Path of Aganhei is established between Tian Xia and Avistan over the Crown of the World, and the first significant contact between Tian Xia and the Inner Sea region is made. Before this age ends however, Yixing falls and is replaced first by the Empire of Shu, and then by the Imperial Lung Wa. The current age – the “Age of Succession” is ushered in by the collapse of Lung Wa in 7106. The government of Lung Wa falls apart, splitting into religious, military, and traditional factions, that each settled in different Successor States, and still feud to this day. While in the years since, many of the former states of Lung Wa fall into disarray, with many being claimed by hobgoblins, oni, or other monsters. The current year is 7211.


Tian Xia is a vast continent, with an array of natural features. To the west lie the mountains of the Wall of Heaven and the desert region of Shaguang. To the south are the deep jungles of Nagajor and Valashmai. East are the islands of Minata and the peninsula where Minkai lies, separated from the mainland by the sea of Xidao to its west and the Forest of Spirits to its north. At the northern edge of the continent are the steppes of Hongal which lead up to the Crown of the World. In central Tian Xia lie several smaller mountain ranges, around which cluster the breadbasket nations, and the Sea of Eels lie to their west, while the Sea of Ghosts lie to their east.




Tian Xia

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