Enormous Goka is not only the largest city in the Dragon Empires, but one of the largest in the world, for geography is destiny. Situated in the only significant break in the Wall of Heaven’s otherwise impassable shield, the citystate of Goka is the primary point of trade between Tian Xia and the continents of Avistan, Casmaron, and Garund. The city’s size may be dwarfed by the looming spectacle of the Wall of Heaven, yet Goka’s skyline presents a significant competitor to those majestic mountains. The shimmering towers of the Gokan Palace atop Diamond Knoll, the looming ziggurat of the Grand Bank of Abadar, the graceful spires of the Seven Dragon Bridge, and the awe-inspiring 250-foot-tall statues of Shizuru and Tsukiyo that guard the entrance to Xu Hong Bay present sights that few travelers ever forget.

Goka weathered the fall of Lung Wa with ease and grace, just as it had the fall of other empires. Today, the sprawling city is ruled by Lady Nai Yan Fei, a beloved daughter of the long-established Gokan aristocracy. Most describe Yan Fei as a rare prodigy—an eloquent and honorable woman who is still more than willing to embrace change and strive for improvement and progress. In any city of Goka’s size there is bound to be unrest, but Yan Fei’s ability to mediate and control disquiet is remarkable.

Gokan citizens are inveterate gamblers; from senior citizens bunched around complex tile games of tiam jeuk in cramped, dirty teahouses to nobles attending high-class drake races with lavish prizes, the people of Goka love to cheer, wager, and test their luck. Tournaments are common in the city as well—events where skilled individuals can combine their itch for gambling with the thrill of direct competition against other champions. Among the greatest and most famous of Goka’s tournaments is the martial arts spectacle known as Ruby Phoenix Tournament, which has been held there every 10 years for the past 320 years.

The Golden League, the Way of the Kirin, and the followers of Lao Shu Po, are just a few of the factions that dabble in Goka’s politics and trade.


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